Better technology adoption. Faster. For less.

For Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Microsoft 365.

Behavior mining drives
human-technology interaction.

Deployed technology isn’t necessarily used technology.
Non-adoption costs the economy billions each year.

We change this by deciphering how humans interact with technology
and provide hands on guidance for
driving technology acceptance.

adair is a Customer Success Management SaaS. We unlock
the full adoption potential of your teams – at a fraction of the cost of the technology you’re implementing.

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How it works

First, we need data.

Each technology impacts every team differently. So you need to tell us what technology you're implementing, provide some structural data about your organization, and let us run a short sociological analysis.

adair then does its magic.

It automatically structures and parses the collected data, and quantifies which behaviors obstruct or support adoption in which teams. 

The output: practical guidance.

Based on these insights, adair recommends how to improve adoption in each of your teams. Our guidelines are precise enough to be translated into action, and general enough to match your management framework.

Reduce your

Lower your

Get going faster to




2 weeks

time to adoption.

implementation costs.

mitigate risk sooner.

less cost

per user

less time

to adoption

less risk of implementation failure

until you get first recommendations

(Based on results of actual projects.)

What technology are you implementing?

Tell us what you're implementing, and we'll tell you how we can help.

What is your role in your company?

See how relying on adair will
impact the challenges you face.