We create state of the art customer success technologies that rely on the transfer of academic research into organizational practice. Our goal is to reduce technology adoption risks and increase management awareness for behavioral science.

As a team, we combine world class expertise in risk management, organizational sociology, and software development. Our founding team combines decades of success as C-level corporate executives, technologists and management consultants.

Core competencies

Organizational sociology, dealing with the quantitative measurement of group behavior and technology adoption.

Risk management, dealing with risk factor assessment, failure rates, cost of failure and task prioritization.

Software development, dealing with pattern recognition, machine learning and data safety infrastructure.



Frank Michael


Frank is a serial entrepreneur with decades of experience running large scale enterprise IT projects. He held multiple C-level leadership positions at system integrator and SaaS companies, and has led them through growth and M&A processes.


Stephan Häußler


Stephan has been into SaaS software since before it was called SaaS. He knows all the ins and outs of development, but is even more experienced in leading development teams, product management and designing scalable and secure services.


Knut Alex


Knut is a financial services and insurance specialist with decades of experience serving at the C-level of international corporations. He has set up multiple insurance companies serving banks and industrial clients, and has run multiple large scale, international IT projects.


Ivor Beck

Chief Evangelist

Ivor is an organizational sociology expert who has advised both businesses and government on questions of difficult transitions since 2005. He has set up multiple successful companies that focus on the transfer of behavioral research into organizational practice.

The science

The methods we use are based exclusively on peer-reviewed academic research. We do not apply simplified modeling or unscrutinized, self-made methods. All of our scores are as valid and as reliable as currently possible, and are actively updated as new research is published.

The core analysis methods we use were authored by researchers with an average h-index of 87. The papers they were published in have been cited in more than 130.000 research publications. Depending on the technology focus of a project, we rely on data points derived from studies of between 400.000 to 750.000 technology users.

If viable, we supplement these methods with both publicly available and proprietary data for improved accuracy. Such additional tweaks to the analysis comply to highest scientific standards: they are the subject of in-house post doctoral research, and are designed to withstand the scrutiny of the scientific community.