adair is for

business executives.

You made the call to commit to a technology, and chose an implementation partner with a great track record. You found the benefits worth the risks, and bet your career on it. But what if you could significantly lower implementation risks at a fraction of the cost of the technology you’re implementing? And unlock the full adoption potential of your team at the same time?

adair was built by a team that lives and breathes risk mitigation and assurance. It is baked deep in our products. We don’t deal in guesswork and good reputation: we work with facts and probabilities, and know how to get them.
At its core, the math behind all this is simple: When a new technology doesn’t match a team’s existing routines and assumptions, it is rejected. adair can recognize this and show your teams what to do, reducing both the risk of failure and the time to adoption. You’re saving time and money.

Since adair is both a tracking and a predictive technology, you can get us on board even before you commit to a technology, so you can judge the candidates not only on features and price, but also on implementation probability.


Reduce implementation risks by knowing which team is doing how well, and balancing management attention accordingly.

adair is immediately ready to go. No complex integration needed.

Accelerate the implementation process by fully understanding the capabilities of your teams: have the fast ones move fast, and the slower ones take the time they need.

Reduce implementation costs by focusing on the right teams and the right topics.

Get team-specific recommendations about how to both increase the use probability of new technologies and retain usage levels over time.

Plan your activities with objective measurements based on data; replace intuition with certainty.