adair is for

human resources managers.

More often than not, you’re the last to be informed about the implementation of new technology, but stuck with dealing with how it impacts the dynamics of your workforce.

More often than not, the cause of non-adoption isn’t the technology itself. The key to adopting new ways of working is understanding human behavior. Actual, long term adoption of technologies happens on your turf, not in IT.
More often than not, your job revolves around individual psychology and anecdotal evidence, and it’s hard to convince others based on just a gut feeling. But now adair can introduce hard, objective sociological data in your life. It reliably predicts adoption probability, deciphers any mismatch between technology and team behavior, and recommends how to improve it. Imagine having statistics that back your gut feeling, that drive digital transformation and that open a new avenue of providing value as HR.


Get team-specific recommendations about how to both increase the use probability of new technologies and retain usage levels over time.

Plan your activities with objective measurements based on data; replace intuition with certainty.

High data security, privacy by design - standards

Positions human resource as a business partner for transformation projects/ Adds additional service opportunities to portfolio

adair is immediately ready to go. No complex integration needed.