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Lieber rosige Aussichten,
als rosarote Brille!

Replace intuition with certainty

Discover your company in a completely new way.

Organizational culture becomes visible in 21 objectively measurable key behavior indicators.

And that for every team.

This provides a description of the starting situation for development or change measures with a level of differentiation that has not been achieved before.

Our software doesn't care whether your company has 20 or 20,000 employees. Within four weeks, you will have a complete overview.

Try it out right away ...



Clarity at a glance

high accuracy

as granular as needed

22 key behavior indicators

Recommendations that guide you on how to improve the situation

(for more than 120 different states)

Concrete recommendations

The differentiated description of the individual initial situation in the teams is supplemented by detailed recom­men­dations for action and impulses for change.

We have taken the recommendations from serious studies and formulated them for practitioners in companies. No buzzword bingo, no ideological frameworks or methodologically unclean assertions.

Natural language, easy to implement:

An immediately useful action plan for your organizational development. With actions that are proven to work. 


How adair works

Automatic evaluation

Situation picture and associated recom­men­dations are available immediately after completion of the sociological survey.

Sociological Research

We leverage the largest databases of group behavior based on 60 years of international research in all types of organizations.

Effective recommendations

No experiments: only recommendations that have already worked several times in the respective initial situation.


“Giving up control is the opposite of what engineers do. But because we’re an engineering company, we trusted the data. And we’re glad we did.”

(Global machine parts manufacturer)


„Eure Empfehlungen waren deutlich nachvollziehbarer
und damit leichter zu verwirklichen. Unsere Teams
konnten es verstehen, haben es umgesetzt, und es hat funktioniert.“

(Europäisches Versicherungsunternehmen

Our projects show: adair makes a difference


effectiveness of the recommendations


higher implementation speed


maximum cost reduction 

Put your teams in the spotlight.
Get an insight into adair.


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