adair is for


Since you were hired to bring it all together, the actual adoption of a technology is the one standard against which you’re measured. And as your customers gain access to more and more detailed use statistics, actual adoption becomes more visible.

adair has fueled countless consulting projects, both by giving a detailed overview of the project landscape and by providing recommendations and options to act. The recommendations are precise enough to easily be translated into action, and general enough so they can fit into the change frameworks you work with.

Whether you use our insights to design implementation strategies, or share them directly with your customers: adair makes a significant contribution to both customer lifetime value and retention.


Add additional USPs to offering

Adds additional service opportunities to portfolio

Reduce implementation risks by knowing which team is doing how well, and balancing management attention accordingly.

Get team-specific recommendations about how to both increase the use probability of new technologies and retain usage levels over time.

Plan your activities with objective measurements based on data; replace intuition with certainty.

Based on peer reviewed scientific methods