adair is for

software vendors.

As you provide your customers with access to more and more detailed use statistics, unused licenses become more visible and run the danger of becoming churn. Since the reason for non-adoption is rarely the quality or usefulness of your software, but how it fits in a user’s routines and behaviors, there’s not much your engineers can tweak in order to fix this.

adair is designed to be a companion for your software product: it scans for and reveals adoption obstacles during planning, roll-out, and ongoing use. It provides pragmatic recommendations on how you and your implementation partners can help your customers increase adoption and get more value from your product. Whether you use our insights to design implementation strategies, or share them directly with your customers: adair makes a significant contribution to both customer lifetime value and retention.


Get recommendations that are tailored to your specific technology, instead of relying on generalized change paradigms.

Improve your product’s value proposition by claiming reduced implementation costs for your customer

adair is almost immediately ready to go. No complex integration needed.

Get team-specific recommendations about how to both increase the use probability of new technologies and retain usage levels over time.

Plan your activities with objective measurements based on data; replace intuition with certainty.