adair is for

system integrators.

When it comes to technology, "deployed" doesn’t mean "in use!"

As the people charged with deploying sets of technologies, this responsibility weighs heavy on your shoulders. While you have unprecedented insights into the dynamics of software use, you rarely get the deep access needed to uncover everything that is blocking adoption. adair is designed to help you do just that: it shows the behavioral reasons behind non-adoption. It reveals the contradictions in adoption requirements between technologies and provides pragmatic recommendations on how to deal with them. They are precise enough to easily be translated into action, and general enough so they can fit into the change frameworks you use.

This reduces the need for discussions and complex customizations, making life easier for both your client and the technology manufacturers. Your business depends on keeping both of them happy, and you can rely on adair to make you a more attractive partner for them. 


Add capacities for business transformation / change management / adoption

Plan your activities with objective measurements based on data; replace intuition with certainty.

Adds additional service opportunities to portfolio

Get team-specific recommendations about how to both increase the use probability of new technologies and retain usage levels over time.

Improve your product’s value proposition by claiming reduced implementation costs for your customer

Reduce implementation risks by knowing which team is doing how well, and balancing management attention accordingly.