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You're implementing

new machines

and devices.

When introducing new machinery and devices, you’re offsetting the investment with anticipated improvements to productivity and cost.
Whether these improvements actually materialize depends more on how well your teams interact with the tech than on its theoretical capabilities. 

adair provides the guidance you need to make your new equipment deliver on its promise. Why is one team mistreating their new delivery vehicles, while another is coming up with improvements to their design? Why are older teams embracing new manufacturing tools, while younger teams refuse to let go of decades old technology? Whatever the causes, adair can reveal them and point you towards how to circumvent these difficulties.

Our focus topics

Electric vehicles

Find out how an electrified or hybrid fleet will impact the behavior of the teams that use them. Determine how to support reluctant adopters in getting the most out of this technology.

Maintenance telemetry

Once your service teams don’t need to put eyes on a machine anymore to assess its operation, be it a gas meter or a wind turbine, their jobs change dramatically. adair reveals their capacity to adjust to this new reality, and helps implement it.

Automatic time tracking systems

Find out how your teams will react to "being tracked:" whether they will see it as convenient or scary, why they will opt in or refuse.