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You're implementing

new methods.

Will your teams get as excited about Kaizen manufacturing as you are? Will the women in IT engage in agile processes as much as the men in marketing? Will teams that work remotely embrace new management methods the same way the colleagues in local offices will?

Whether you're implementing a new structure for meetings, or asking your teams to change the way they communicate with their superiors: both are management technologies and both require new skills. They're significant changes to how things were done in the past, and dealing with this will be different for everyone.

adair reveals the affinity of teams for specific management methods, manufacturing paradigms and communication processes, and shows how to support their implementation.

Our focus topics

Agile process management

Find out which teams will thrive in agile environments, and which will need time to adjust to them.

Remote work

Discover what you can do to help teams adjust to this massive shift in work methodology: not only to the technology they must now master, but also to how it impacts their relationships.