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Organizational development done right!

Team precision. Objective. Data-based.

We measure what happens when a change affects people in an organization. We help by predicting the effects precisely and in detail and significantly influencing them through tailored recommendations.


For anyone who wants to replace intuition with certainty.

3 facts about adair

60 years of research in quantitative sociology have created certainties that can be applied to any change process:


The behavior of groups can be changed easier and faster than the behavior of individuals.


Group behavior is measurable and predictable. Just as good as a company's financial data.


adair recommendations are more effective and efficient than training, education or coaching designed to develop the behavior of individuals.

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Our projects show the difference.


effectiveness of  recommendations

higher implementation speed



maximum cost reduction 

Focus topics


Cover 300% more risk factors with adair than with current approaches.

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& Change

For projects that focus on an analysis of the organizational culture.


Für Projekte die eine Technologie oder Software implementieren.

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You choose the level of support.

Software only

With the current challenges in organizational development, it is more important than ever to rely on proven and valid tools that are quickly ready for use. Our SaaS platform is immediately available and can be used in a wide variety of situations.


We support you in organizational development with the adair method and work together on an individual, project-related level. Together we will lead your change initiatives to success.

Put your teams at the center.
Get an insight into adair.

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