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Too good to be true.

With rose-tinted glasses, red flags just look like flags.

Too true to be good.

Real insight is sometimes hurtful, but always helpful.

And the winner is …

At Bits & Pretzels 2022 we pretended that the trade fair was actually a company, and that the various types of visitors were its different departments. We asked attendees to participate in a short sociological analysis to find out: which team is most elastic?

The results are in: it wasn't the founders or investors, as everyone expected (“they listen to the market and provide it with what it wants!”) — it was the Bits & Pretzels team, who spent their whole day rushing around behind the stage, eager to cater to everyone's needs.

Since elasticity is an essential part of running a successful startup, let's see how many of this year's staff are among the exhibitors in the future?

Thanks for a great day, Munich!

Replace intuition with certainty.


See how your company works in a completely new light:

Organizational culture becomes visible and actionable. 21 key behavior indicators reveal how each of your teams “ticks”. Scientifically proven beyond any doubt.

Use our detailed situation descriptions as a starting point for planning a development or change strategy. Or rely on our even more detailed recommended measures to start right away.

Our software doesn't care whether your company has 20 or 20,000 employees. Within four weeks, you will have a complete overview of all your teams.

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Get hands-on, pragmatic recommendations.

There's no generalized, auto-generated text here: our situation descriptions and recommendations come straight from the thousands of serious studies that have proven their effectiveness.

And we don't just copy & paste: we’ve reworded them for practitioners. No buzzword bingo, no ideological frameworks, no preposterous and methodically unclean assertions.

All of this combines into an immediately useful action plan for your organizational development. With an objectively measured effectiveness rate of 91%.


How adair works:

Automatic evaluation

Once your survey ends, it takes mere minutes to get the full picture – revealing  details even seasoned pros tend to miss.

Sociological Research

We leverage the large databases of group behavior that were built over 60 years of international research in all types of organizations.

Potent recommendations

No experiments:  you only get recommendations that were repeatedly proven to work in a given situation.

An interface built to add clarity to complexity.

more accurate than your financial data

automatic recognition of critical situations

21 key behavior indicators

Recommendations that really work

(for more than 120 different states)


“Giving up control is the opposite of what engineers do. But because we’re an engineering company, we trusted the data. And we’re glad we did.”

(Global machine parts manufacturer)


“Your recommendations were easier to understand, making them easier to execute on. Our teams got them, acted upon them – and it simply worked.”

(European insurance)

The numbers say: adair makes a difference.


effectiveness of recommendations


faster implementation


maximum cost reduction (so far)

You can’t manage what you don’t measure.
Let us measure what you still think is unmeasurable.


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