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When teams don't use a technology, the reason is rarely a misplaced button or a lacking feature: more often than not, it's a mismatch between existing, comfortable routines and better ways of doing things that aren't mastered yet.


adair reveals these mismatches in detail and provides recommendations on how to deal with them. It is spectacularly effective at driving technology adoption.

 Objective. Data-based. Comprehensive.

Our projects show: adair makes a difference.

36 %

time to full adoption 

772 €

cost saving
per user / year

93 %

effectiveness of our recommendations

The most effective technology adoption tool out there.



At least 50% of technology introductions do not go as planned. They either don't generate the desired ROI, take too long, or result in too low system usage.


In dozens of projects, adair has proven to be extraordinarily reliable and effective at changing this: we made adoption processes significantly shorter and reduced the impact on team resources, all while noticeably increasing system use.


adair provides a simple, graphical depiction of the adoption situation, and offers team-specific, easy-to-understand and easy to execute recommendations.

Evaluation of an analysis (4:43)


Not just diagnostics, but also pragmatic recommendations.

Almost all diagnostics and analysis systems leave users alone and overwhelmed by data, without supporting them in their search for actual solutions. We instead leverage the latest academic research on critical pattern recognition to determine which teams require the most immediate or intense attention. Our implementation of this is state of the art, and was supported by a major research grant by the German state of Brandenburg.


Once it is clear which teams have priority, adair provides an extensive repository of explanations and recommendations on how to control the risks that it has revealed.


As a result, you don't only see what is going great and what needs attention, but also what exactly you should be doing now – individually matched to the specific adoption realities of each of your teams. And worded in plain and simple language that can immediately be put in practice in everyday corporate realities.


Our customers love how well this works: dozens of non-disruptive, tiny interventions noticeably and quickly increase the uptake of a technology, at a fraction of the cost of large-scale »change«-projects. And with significantly better results.


How adair works.

Automatic evaluation

You don't need to browse the data yourself: our pattern recognition reveals  details even seasoned pros tend to miss.

Sociological research

We leverage all the large databases of group behavior that were built over the past 60 years.

Effective recommendations

No experiments:  you get recommendations that are repeatedly scientifically proven to work in a given situation.


“In the first six months of working with your recommendations, CRM use has increased from 20 % to a little less than 60 %. We have achieved something that we have not been able to do in the past 10 years. Feel free to share that – a tripling of usage in six months!”

Susann Kluge, Head of Commercial Excellence Europe, BASF Agricultural Solutions

Tailored to your technology.

Academic research has proven it: the factors that are decisive for successful technology adoption are different for each technology.

That's why we have differentiated solutions for different technologies.

We have built a flexible system and are also able to map customer-specific technologies. Our data is based on 60 years of research and hundreds of thousands of studies.

Let us show you how this has changed our clients' lives.


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